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Host Messaging Help
  • Messaging Overview

    The messaging section of the dashboard is where you can view all the current RSVP'd users for any scheduled week/day and optionally send a message to a group of users or an individual. Be careful when you are messaging as there are two different areas where you can send a message. The first option is the one you see on the page already, which is for group messaging. The other one is when you view a specific user and is for individualy messaging that user.

  • Dropdowns

    The first things you will see on this page are two dropdowns.

    The first one contains all of the weeks that contain the days that you have opened your house to. When you switch between weeks, the area below the dropdowns will populate based on whether or not someone has RSVP'd. If they have, you will see the names of all the users.

    The second one contains all of the days you have scheduled for the week that is selected in the first dropdown. As you can see, the default option for the second dropdown is "All RSVP's This Week", which means that any user who has RSVP'd for a day in this week will be shown in the area. If you were to choose a day from this dropdown, you will only see the users that have RSVP'd for that day in that week. This will show the users name AND the number of guests they will be bringing.

  • View Specific RSVP'd User

    Once you have choosen values from the dropdowns (see Dropdown section for help) and populated the area, you can click on any users name that shows up. When you click this user, a pop up will show and load this users information from the database. You will be able to see their profile picture and information. Below their information, you will see another message box which will allow you to send a message to only them (see Individual Messaging section for help).

  • Group Messaging

    Once you have choosen values from the dropdowns (see Dropdown section for help) and populated the area, you will have the option to send a message to all of the users that are showing in the area. Of course, if there are no current RSVPs for the selected values, you will not be able to send a message. To send a message to all the users that you see in the area, simply type your message in the box below the area and press the send button. If your message was able to send, you will get a notification stating so. If you recieve an error notification, simply try to send the message again.

  • Individual Messaging

    Once you have clicked on an RSVP'd user (see Dropdown section and then View Specific RSVP'd User for help) and loaded their information, you will be able to send them an individual message. To do so, simply type in your message in the box below the users information and press the send button. If your message was able to send, you will get a notification stating so. If you recieve an error notification, simply try to send the message again.

  • Viewing Sent/Recieved User Messages

    After you have sent either a group (see Group Messaging section for help) or individual (see Individual Messaging section for help) message, you can see the message and conversations in a seperate place. Close the Host Dashboard and look for the Messages button under your profile picture. After clicking the button, at the bottom of the pop up you will see two options, Hosts or Users. To view the messages you have sent to users, click on the Users tab and look for the conversation you want to view. The Hosts tab is for viewing your conversations with other hosts as an RSVP'd user to one of their days.

Host Scheduling Help
  • Scheduling Overview

    The scheduling section of the dashboard is where you can view the current days you have scheduled and either add more or remove current ones. White colored days are days that are already scheduled. Green colored days are days that you have just added but are not scheduled yet. The first thing you see is a date/time input and the Add Day button. Below that is the area where you will see all scheduled or added days. Below that area is the Remove Days and Schedule Days buttons.

  • Days Viewer

    Below the date/time input and Add Day button, is an area that will contain all of your scheduled or added days. Any days that you have already scheduled before will populate this area in a white colored text. Once you add news days to this area (see Adding Days section for help), you will see the day you just added in a green colored text.

    Each of the days in this area can be clicked on. When you click on a day, it will have a dark background applied to it. Once you have clicked the days you wanted, you can then proceed to remove them (see Removing Days section for help).

  • Adding Days

    In order to add a day, you must first select the date that you want to open your house as well as the time for that day. The date/time input next to the Add Day button is where this will be done. If you click on the date, you will then be able to choose your date. The same can be done with the time. Once both your date and time have been chosen, you can try to add the day with the Add Day button. If you are able to add the day, you will see it populate the area below (see Days Viewer section for help).

    There are a few reasons why you won't be able to add a day. If the day you have chosen is before todays date, it will not accept it. If the day is over a year from todays date, it will not accept it. If you already have that date in the days viewer, it will not accept it. In most of these cases the date/time input will shake and get a red colored border if there is an error trying to add the day.

  • Scheduling Days

    Once you have added the days you want and have populated the days viewer (see Adding Days section and Days Viewer section for help), you can then press the Schedule Days button below the days viewer area. If you were successfully able to schedule days, you will get a notification saying so and the green colored days will turn to white. If there was an error scheduling days, you will get a notification saying so. If this happens, try to schedule the days again.

  • Removing Days

    Once you have added or scheduled the days you want and have populated the days viewer (see Adding Days, Scheduling Days, and Days Viewer sections for help), then you can proceed with removing days. In order to remove a day, you must first click on the day in the day viewer that you want to remove. Once the background of this day has changed colors, you can press the Remove Days button. More than one day can be clicked and removed at one time. If the day you removed was already scheduled, you will recieve a notification saying it was removed or that there was an error. If the day you removed was just added but not scheduled, it will just be removed from the days viewer. If you recieve any errors, try to remove the days again.


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  • Host Family

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    Description of Hosts


Welcome to Cana C.A.M!
  • What Is CAM?

    C.A.M, which stands for Continuous Access Ministry, was developed with the idea of community for young adults. Sometimes, you just need a hot-cooked meal. If you are a young adult flying solo or are young and married without children, Cana CAM is the place for a hot meal and mealtime spiritual conversation. Select a time and location, RSVP, contact the host through the app, and you're set. You can go as often and to as many homes as you like. Cana's trusted hosts will be looking for you at the scheduled time. Invite some friends and let someone else do the cooking.

  • What Do I Do First?

    The first thing you are going to want to do is install the app, preferably before you signup!

    1. Installing on iOS:
     1. Open Cana CAM in Safari (Safari is required for installation).
     2. Click the Action or Share button in the middle of the Safari bar at the bottom.
     3. Scroll down and find "Add to Home Screen" and click it.
     4. Tap "Add" in the top right corner to complete the installation.

    2. Installing on Android:
     1. Open Cana CAM in Chrome.
     2. Click the vertical dots in the top right corner.
     3. Scroll down and locate "Install Cana CAM".
     4. After clicking "Install", the app will be ready for use.

    If you have a different browser on Android, you will have to look up the specifics for installation but the general idea should be the same.

  • Software Information

    Version: Beta 1.8.2
    Developer: Brandon Faulkner

  • Overview Page

    The Overview page is the home page of Cana C.A.M, which is the middle tab (House Icon) on the navigation bar at the top. On this page you can view all the weeks/days that are available from hosts for you to RSVP to.

    Below the About/Help button is the Weeks Dropdown. This dropdown contains all of the weeks that are available for each host. When a week is selected, you will see all the days in that week that you can RSVP to. If you click on one of the days, it will take you to the Planning Page and pull up the correct information depending on the day you clicked.

    Once you RSVP for a day, you will see an "RSVP'd" badge on the day that you RSVP'd for on the Overview page.

  • Planning Page

    The planning page is the left tab (Calender Icon) on the navigation bar at the top. On this page you can view detailed information about each host and the days they have available. At the top of the page there is a small introduction for the selected host. This will show their picture, a description and a contact button. If you need to ask this host a question or get more information, you can click the contact button to send them a message.

    Below the introduction, you will see two dropdowns. The first is a dropdown of all the hosts that are associated with C.A.M. The second dropdown is a list of all the weeks that the current host has days available. Once a week has been selected, you can view each day and the spaces that are available for them. If there are enough spaces available, you can RSVP by clicking the RSVP button. If you have friends that you want to bring, you can add them before you RSVP.

    After you have RSVP'd, you will see an "RSVP'd" badge on that day on the Overview Page and the RSVP button will change to Cancel RSVP.

  • Profile Page

    The profile page is the right tab (User Icon) on the navigation bar at the top. On this page you can view all of the information that is associated with your account. Below your profile picture you can either sign out or view/send messages. Below this is a list with your information. If you need to change any info, you can click Edit Information and fill out what you need.

  • Account Deletion

    If you want to delete your account, please email In your email, provide the email associated with your account, your full name and your phone number. You must provide all this information in order to verify your identity and to find your account.

  • Need help or have feedback?

    Email for support or for any feedback/improvement ideas.


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